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SignServer Enterprise Cloud

The following lists the steps required to launch SignServer Cloud from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and log in to the SignServer Administration Web for the first time. For more detailed information, refer to the SignServer Cloud Launch Guide.

Launch SignServer Cloud

The Amazon EC2 Console web interface allows you to configure the details of the SignServer Enterprise Cloud instance using a web browser before you launch the instance.

Launching the SignServer Enterprise Cloud instance from the AWS Marketplace includes the steps:

  1. Select the SignServer Enterprise Cloud Instance.
  2. Configure SignServer Enterprise Cloud.
  3. Launch SignServer Enterprise Cloud.
  4. View Software Installation Details and Status.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the Launch SignServer Cloud section of the SignServer Cloud Launch Guide.

Login to SignServer Cloud

Logging in to SignServer Enterprise Cloud for the first time requires the steps:

  1. Get the Instance ID.
  2. Download the .p12 file from SignServer Keystore Retrieval Webpage.
  3. Download Credentials.
  4. Install the .p12 file.
  5. Browse to the SignServer Administration Web.

To access the Administration Web of the deployed SignServer Cloud instance, the superadmin credentials need to be retrieved from the server and installed on the system and/or browser. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox since it currently has self-enrollment capabilities and its own keystore separate from the operating system.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the Log in to SignServer Cloud section of the SignServer Cloud Launch Guide.

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