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$ bin/signclient timestamp
usage: timestamp <options> [url]
 -base64                     Give this option if the stored request/reply
                             should be base64 encoded, default is not.
 -certreq                    Request signer certificate
 -digestalgorithm <string>   Digest algorithm used for creating timestamp
                             request hash. Default SHA256
 -help                       Print this message.
 -infile <file>              File containing message to time stamp.
 -inrep <file>               Input file containing an earlier stored
                             base64 encoded response, to verify.You must
                             specify the verify flag also.
 -inreq <file>               Input file containing an earlier stored
                             request to use instead of creating a new. You
                             must specify the request flag also.
 -instr <string>             String to be time stamped, if neither instr
                             or infile is given, the client works in
                             test-mode generating it's own message.
 -keyalias <arg>             Alias of the key in the keystore to use for
 -keystore <arg>             Keystore with private key and certificate for
                             client certificate authentication.
 -keystorepwd <arg>          Password for reading the keystore.  If
                             keystore is specified but not this keystore
                             password option, the CLI will instead prompt
                             for the password.
 -outrep <file>              Output file to store the recevied TSA reply,
                             if not given the reply is not stored.
 -outreq <file>              Output file to store the sent TSA request, if
                             not given the request is not stored.
 -print                      Prints content of a request, response and/or
 -reqpolicy <oid>            Request timestamp issued under a policy OID
 -signerfile <file>          Input file containing the PEM encoded
                             certificate of the TSA signer.Used to verify
                             a stored response.
 -sleep <num>                Sleep a number of milliseconds after each
                             request. Default 1000 ms.
 -truststore <arg>           Keystore with trusted certificates to use
                             with HTTPS.
 -truststorepwd <arg>        Password for the keystore with trusted
                             certificates. If truststore is specified but
                             not this truststore password option, the CLI
                             will instead prompt for the password.
 -url <url>                  Url of TSA, e.g.
 -verify                     Give this option if verification of a stored
                             reply should be done, work together with
                             inrep and cafile. If given, no request to the
                             TSA will happen.

Sample usages: a) timestamp -url http://localhost:8080/signserver/tsa?workerName=TimeStampSigner b) timestamp -print -inreq query.tsq c) timestamp -print -inrep reply.tsr

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