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Workers Deactivation Page

The Deactivation page lists workers selected for deactivation. 

Deactivating a worker performs a logout from the crypto token and the crypto token might have to be activated again before use.

Note that it is not possible to deactivate a worker that does not have a crypto token configured since the deactivation of such a worker is controlled by the deactivation of its crypto worker. If a crypto worker is configured for the worker, a link to that crypto worker is displayed. Otherwise, a message is displayed indicating that no crypto worker is set.

To deactivate workers, ensure that the Deactivate option is selected for all workers you want to deactivate.



Select to deactivate the worker(s).

The result of the deactivation is displayed in the Result column.

If all workers are successfully deactivated, the page will automatically return to the previous page. If all workers are not activated, you will stay on the page and can try again.

CancelReturns to the previous page.
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