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Workers Install Certificates Page

Install certificates to the worker configuration or into the crypto token.

Make sure each worker that should have certificates installed are selected.

Work from left to right for each worker and fill in the required information.

Install Certificates


Name of the worker.

Clicking the link goes to the worker's page.


Select or fill in the name of the key for which the certificate should be installed. This should be the same key as the CSR was generated for.

If there are multiple known keys to choose from a drop down menu will allow you to select from.

If needed, press the ">" button to switch to editing of the alias manually and then press "<" button when done.


Upload (or paste the content of) a PEM file with the complete certificate chain ordered with the end entity (signer) certificate first and followed by each issuer CA certificates or upload the individual certificates one at a time. For each file click the Add button to load the certificates. Use the X button to remove a certificate if needed.

After adding certificates, warnings can be displayed in this cell if the certificate chain is not in the right order (i.e. starting with the end entity / signer certificate and then followed by the issuing CAs) or if the certificates does not have the right key usages.

Which checks that are made depends on the worker implementation.

Install in TokenIf selected the certificates are not stored in the worker configuration and instead imported into the crypto token (i.e. key store or HSM).



Installs the certificates for each worker.

CancelReturns to the previous page.
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