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Workers Reload from Database Page

Configuration changes are directly stored in the database but in order for the new configuration to be used in an instance the configuration needs to be loaded.

Note that this is done automatically for you when using the AdminGUI or AdminWeb while from the AdminCLI you will have to manually issue the reload command. In some cases it might still be needed to reload the configuration from the web. This could be in situations when the configuration has changed in an other node which is sharing the same database or if a crypto worker changed its configuration in a way that workers depending on it would need to be reloaded.

Make sure each worker that should be reloaded are selected.

What to Reload

All workers in SignServer
(including global configuration)
Reloads everything.
Selected workersOnly reloads selected workers and their global configuration.

Selected Workers


Name of the worker.

Clicking the link goes to the worker's page.

ResultShows the results from the reload.



Either reloads all configuration or each selected workers depending on the chosen option.

If a workers was reloaded successfully the page is automatically changed to the previous.

CancelReturns to the previous page.
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