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Workers Renewal Page

Using a Renewal Worker, workers in SignServer can be automatically rekeyed.

Make sure each worker that should be rekeyed are selected.

For each worker select the Renewal Worker that should be used from the drop-down menu.

Renew Signer


Name of the worker.

Clicking the link goes to the worker's page.

Not Valid After

End date and time for the signer's validity (if a certificate is present).

This date takes the certificate validity time, the private key validity time and the MINREMAININGCERTVALIDITY worker property if any.

SigningsThe number of signings that has been performed with the current key if the key usage counter has been enabled. The maximum number of allowed signatures are also displayed if the worker has a KEYUSAGELIMIT worker property specified.
Renewal Worker

Drop-down menu for selecting which Renewal Worker that should be used to perform the rekeying.

This menu can be pre-selected if the worker is configured with the RENEWWORKER worker property.



For each selected worker sends a request to the corresponding Renewal Worker to perform the rekeying.

CancelReturns to the previous page.
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