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Workers Test Key Page

The connection to the HSM as well as the existing keys can be tested by performing a test signature.

Make sure each worker that should have a key tested are selected.

Fill in the key alias or specify "all" to have all keys in the associated crypto token tested.

Test Keys


Name of the worker.

Clicking the link goes to the worker's page.


Fill in the name of the key to to test or write "all" to test all available keys in the associated crypto token.

This field is already filled in if the worker has a DEFAULTKEY or NEXTCERTSIGNKEY property.

ResultDisplays the test results with one line for each tested key, followed by SUCCESS or FAILURE and a hash of the public key.



Performs the test signing for each selected worker.

The result of the test is written out in the Result column.

CancelReturns to the previous page.
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