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EJBCA Software Appliance 2.0 Release Notes

JULY 2021

PrimeKey is pleased to announce the release of the next generation EJBCA Software Appliance version 2.0.


New Graphical User Interface 

As of version 2, EJBCA Software Appliance has a new graphical user interface with a wealth of functionalities to make your work easier and more effective. You can now navigate through installation, configuration, and maintenance tasks in the new EJBCA Software Appliance user interface. For more information, see Operations Overview

Packaged Solution with Stable Technology Stack

EJBCA Software Appliance includes a complete software technology stack, packaged and distributed as Open Virtual Appliance (OVA), see Introduction.

Integration with Monitoring Infrastructure 

It is now more convenient to integrate into your existing monitoring infrastructure as the EJBCA Software Appliance supports SNMP and Syslog. For more information, see Configuring SNMP Settings and Adding an External Syslog Host.

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