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Applications: Configuring External Databases

The following sections provide information on configuring external databases.

The Software Appliance supports the usage of external databases. By default, the Internal Database is configured.

  1. Log in to your Software Appliance and open the Applications page.

Supported external database types for SignServer are:

In case the database user does not have sufficient permission to create database schemas, the following link refers to the SQL script used to create the required database tables.

All scripts have the name of the DBMS they are intended for in their filename.

  • There are scripts for table creation called "create-tables-signserver-<dbms-name>.sql."
  • and one general file that is used to create the required DB indices called "create-index-signserver.sql."

Please refer to: SignServer-SQL-Scripts

Configuring an external database on the Applications page will store all application data on that specific external database server.

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