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SignServer Software Appliance 2.3.1 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce the release of SignServer Software Appliance version 2.3.1.

This release introduces support for the hardware security modules DPoD Cloud HSM and TrustWay Proteccio netHSM. With this release, we have also updated the version of SignServer Enterprise to 5.11.2.


Additional HSM Support

EJBCA Software Appliance now supports two new hardware security modules (HSMs).

Support for Thales DPoD 

The award-winning Thales Data Protection on Demand DPoD is a cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of cloud HSM and key management services through an easy-to-use online marketplace. For more information on configuring the HSM, see Configuring a Thales DPoD HSM.

Support for TrustWay Proteccio netHSM 

The TrustWay Proteccio netHSM from Atos is a hardware security module (HSM) that delivers software solutions in a secure and high-performance environment, specifically designed for handling the most critical cryptographic operations. For more information on configuring the HSM, see Configuring a TrustWay Proteccio netHSM.

New version of SignServer Enterprise

SignServer Enterprise has been updated to version 5.11.2, see SignServer 5.11 Release Notes.

Luna HSM configuration improvements

With this release, we have also resolved an issue that could cause an invalid Luna HSM configuration, and improved validators on the Luna HSM update endpoint.

With Software Appliance 2.3.0, the default Luna Client Certificate Common Name (CN) was changed from the IPv4 address to the unique node ID, which caused issues for some new Luna HSM setups. The issues have been resolved in Software Appliance 2.3.1 and customers can now renew the HSM client certificate with a custom CN.

Upgrade Information

For information on the required steps to update the version of the SignServer Software Appliance, see Update Software Appliance Version.

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