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Using the Organizations feature

The main screen of the Organizations feature allows you to access multiple deployments within your organization. When you first start with the Keyfactor SaaS Portal, you will have your first deployment tile.


There are two options here:

  • A link to the Command SaaS Keyfactor Portal Web interface.

  • A link will take you to the SaaS Portal, where you will be able to interact with your deployment via the self-service features.

For more information on the features of the Keyfactor SaaS Portal Deployment interface,

refer to Navigating the SaaS Portal.

Organization Settings

Click the gear icon to access the Organization settings.


This icon accesses a screen where you can manage certain aspects of your organization. The name at the top of the screen is the name that appears at the top of the main page below the Keyfactor logo.


Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to change the Organization name for all users of the Portal.


This change will be reflected on the main screen where deployments are selected.

Editing Deployment Display Names

Clicking the pencil icon next to a deployment name will allow you to change the registration name (display name) that displays on the tile screen.

Changing the registration name does not change the name of the deployment. The deployment name is not changeable due to its link to DNS.


Click the pencil icon to edit the registration name.


Once the name is changed, the tile on the main screen will be updated.


Adding Users to Deployments

Step 1

Click the Create User button to add a user to the organization.


Step 2

In the Create Organization User section, enter the name and email address of the new user. Click Save to send an email to the address entered, which will include a link to register and set a password.

(Optional) Select the Set Organization Administrator checkbox to allow the user to access the organization settings and perform these steps.


The new user will be added with the status of Unverified until the user registers and sets a password in the Keyfactor SaaS Portal.


Step 3

Provide the user permissions by clicking the 🚫 icon. A dialog will appear, confirming whether you would like to provide the user access to the Keyfactor SaaS Portal.


Click the Registration Access toggle to provide the user access to the deployment that is identified in the selected column. Providing registration access gives the user access to the following permissions.

  • Manage Users: Allows the user to see the Manage Users feature (read) or add users (write) to the deployment. These users must exist at the organization level and be added by an organization administrator before being added to individual deployments.

  • Source IP: Allows the user to see the list (read) or edit the list (write) of IP addresses that are allowed to access the deployment.

  • Software Update: Allows the user to see the Software Update feature (read) or perform a software update (write) in the deployment.


In this example, we gave this user Read permission to Manage Users, but Write permission to IP Changes and Software Updates. Click the disk icon to save your changes.

You can see these changes on the User Management tab of the specific deployment.

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