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Configure AWS CLI

The following includes information to get an administrator through a configuration quickly. For detailed configuration instructions, refer to the AWS documentation on Configuring the AWS CLI.

Follow the steps below to configure the AWS CLI. The AWS Access key ID and Secret access key specified below are the user security credentials obtained in the previous step Create User and CLI Key.

To configure the AWS CLI, do the following:

  1. Login to the EJBCA server as the wildfly user.
  2. Start the AWS CLI configuration using the following command:
    # aws configure
  3. Enter the AWS Access Key ID at the prompt:
  4. Enter the AWS Secret Access Key at the prompt:
    # AWS Secret Access Key [None]:h2NxZkZgABCDE8J6DWOvA+9PRm5QOetU5PMK4NsJ
  5. Enter the Default region name at the prompt.
    # Default region name [None]: us-east-1
    The Default region name identifies the region whose servers you want to send your requests to by default. This is typically the region closest to you, but it can be any region. For example, enter us-west-2 to use US West (Oregon). This is the region that all later requests are sent to unless you specify otherwise in an individual command.

    (warning) You must specify an AWS region when using the AWS CLI, either explicitly or by setting a default region. For a list of the available regions, refer to the AWS documentation on AWS Service Endpoints. The region designators used by the AWS CLI are the same names displayed in the AWS Management Console URLs and service endpoints.

  6. Press Enter at the prompt for the Default output format to enter [None].

Next, Create the S3 Bucket.

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