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EJBCA Cloud 3.2 Release Notes

JUNE 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of EJBCA Cloud 3.2.0.

EJBCA Cloud 3.2 introduces EJBCA 8.0 along with a new start page to replace the deprecation of the EJBCA PublicWeb.


EJBCA Enterprise Upgrade

EJBCA Cloud updates EJBCA Enterprise to version 8.0, see EJBCA 8.0 Release Notes.

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and other changes included in the release.


EC-261 - EJBCA 8.0 Support for TLS 1.3 (need to enable in Apache config - This also breaks SOAP API from the ClientToolBox)

EC-262 - Upgrade EJBCA to 8.0

EC-263 - Redirect EJBCA Cert enrollment to RA Web

EC-264 - Make Cert Auth Optional in Apache to Support OAuth

EC-265 - New WildFly logger for EJBCA 8.0

EC-269 - Provide ability to use an answer file for the wizard by linking files to the home user directory.

EC-270 - Fix bug in import ca feature where wizard would not allow progress

EC-268 - Upgrade Wildfly to 26.1.3


EC-266 - Update EJBCA Cloud logo for new branding

EC-267 - Fix DELETE option in EJBCA REST with Apache

Upgrade Information

For information on how to upgrade an EJBCA Cloud hourly instance node from one version of EJBCA to another, see the AWS Restore and Upgrade Guide and Azure Restore and Upgrade Guide, respectively.

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