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A powerful and flexible certificate issuance and management system to issue and enable full life-cycle control of digital certificates.

The EJBCA Cloud AWS Validation Authority (VA) instance is an EJBCA VA instance with OCSP and CRL functionality. The instance is designed to be peered with another EJBCA Enterprise CA instance for a fully separated certificate authority hierarchy. It can be paired with any EJBCA Enterprise Instance of equal version whether it be a PKI Appliance or on-prem software installation.

Note that the EJBCA Cloud Validation Authority (VA) instance is not a Certificate Authority (CA) and that it requires an EJBCA Certificate Authority (CA) Instance to fully function. Please choose one of the full instances if you need a Certificate Authority, see EJBCA Cloud AWS.


See our post EJBCA Enterprise Cloud Validation Authority (VA) on AWS Marketplace to learn more about how PrimeKey is meeting IoT device manufacturers’ need for scalable, flexible, and cost-effective security with Enterprise Cloud Validation Authority.


The following guides provide relevant information to get your Validation Authority (VA) instance of EJBCA Cloud on AWS running and to get you started with the EJBCA software.

The following includes product documentation for the latest EJBCA Cloud AWS version. For documentation for previous versions, click EJBCA Cloud Versions in the header.

Launch Guide

For information on how to deploy the EJBCA Cloud Validation Authority (VA) instance from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and log in to the EJBCA Administration Web for the first time, see the EJBCA Cloud AWS VA Launch Guide.

Quick Start Guide

Guide for users unfamiliar with EJBCA. Quickly walks through a configuration and covers both configurations of Certificate Authorities (CAs) and the required profiles within EJBCA. See EJBCA Enterprise Quick Start Guide.

VA Configuration and Administration Guide

For information on EJBCA CA to VA configuration and administration tasks related to VA management, see VA Configuration and Administration Guide.

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