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3Key Dashboarding, Monitoring and Reporting Add-on

As part of broader PKI and certificate management organizations often add on functionality for monitoring and reporting beyond the functionality that EJBCA supports natively. Dashboards can give operators a quick and easy overview on the status, health and important events of a PKI deployment. This becomes especially important when you have many CAs (in one EJBCA instance, and/or across several EJBCA instances). While there are multiple ways to achieve this goal, the 3Key DMR add-on is a tool to achieve this in an easy and consistent manner.

3Key Company develops and maintains several add-ons to EJBCA Enterprise and the 3Key DMR offers dashboarding, monitoring, and reporting add-on functionality to EJBCA helping organizations get the most out of their state of the art PKI.

Dashboarding, Monitoring, and Reporting

The 3Key DMR add-on for dashboarding, monitoring, and reporting enables you to visualize operations and attributes over time. EJBCA specific dashboards provide overviews of PKI operations and allow you to monitor certificates, activities, and events. With tailored templates, you can quickly deploy and start using certificate management on your EJBCA nodes, use pre-defined reports, and define and schedule alerts to get notified of changes.

Example Dashboards

The 3Key DMR add-on allows you set up monitoring of your CAs and visualize the data in dashboards. The following displays an example dashboard providing an overview of activities and distribution.

You can monitor certificates based on attributes to remain in control of expirations and renewals. The following displays an example dashboard that provides you with an overview of certificates and allows you to monitor expiration and distribution.

For more information, refer to 3Key Company information on 3Key Add-ons for PrimeKey and the PrimeKey Solution Brief 3Key DMR add-on to EJBCA Enterprise.

And for more information on using EJBCA as a Certificate Management System (CMS), see Using EJBCA as a Certificate Management System (CMS).

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