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3Key RA Profiles Add-on

EJBCA can be integrated into the most complex PKI deployment scenarios, supporting certificate management for an unlimited number of use cases, from a single instance or EJBCA, or multiple instances if that suits your network architecture better. Supporting multiple use cases can involve the configuration of many profiles for different technical requirements, a configuration that often requires in-depth PKI knowledge to handle the rich set of options of EJBCA. To assist in handling these scenarios more easily, 3Key RA Profiles add-on offers an additional abstraction layer on top of the EJBCA configuration for easier integration procedures when updating configurations for, or adding new, clients that need to manage certificates.

3Key Company develops and maintains several add-ons to EJBCA Enterprise and the 3Key RA Profiles add-on helps organizations get the most out of their state of the art PKI.

RA Profiles

The RA Profiles add-on provides control over changes on the EJBCA side, as well as control over the integrated services and authorized clients.

The following displays an example of the RA Profiles Management providing information about the integration and requests.

RA Profiles eases integration procedures and allows you to list, add, and edit profiles.

For more information, refer to 3Key Company information on 3Key Add-ons for PrimeKey and the PrimeKey Solution Brief 3Key RA Profiles add-on to EJBCA Enterprise.

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