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EJBCA 6.10.1 Release Notes

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is pleased to announce the minor release EJBCA 6.10.1.

The following covers information on new features and improvements in the 6.10.1 releases:

Read the EJBCA 6.10 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

EJBCA 6.10.1

his minor release introduces a couple of cool new features and above all a big performance improvement. We've added certificate extensions to CV certificates; these can be managed just like standard custom certificate extensions under System Configuration.

We've made a big change to how we handle CT logs. In 6.10.0 we added the option to make certain logs mandatory in anticipation to Google's enforcement of their updated CT specification in April 2018. Looking back we weren't entirely satisfied with our design, so have instead introduced the concept of CT Log Labels in order to group sets of logs. Instead of choosing a series of logs in the Certificate Profile you may choose a series of labels. Upon issuance all logs from those labels will be queried to, and the first n SCTs will be written to the certificate, where n is the max number of SCTs allowed and there will be at least one SCT per label. For those of you using the 'Mandatory'-option since 6.10, your logs will be automatically upgraded, which is documented further in the UPGRADE document.

Speaking of upgrading, you may have caught the EJBCA Intermediate Release issued recently in order to facilitate upgrades from versions of EJBCA earlier than 5.0. In this release we've ironed out the last remaining upgrade bugs, as well as forbidding upgrades from versions of EJBCA prior to 5.0 in order to avoid errors in the future.

Lastly, we've put some time into optimizing certificate issuance in EJBCA. In comparison to 6.10, EJBCA 6.10.1 has about twice the throughput and half the latency in our benchmark environment for high volumes of certificate issuance.


Patch release for ECA-6426, in which the database version was set incorrectly for fresh installations.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.10.1.x, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.10.1

Released on 11 December 2017

New Features

[ECA-6303] - Replace the current "mandatory/non-mandatory" setting for CT logs with a basic label system

[ECA-6304] - Upgrade CT logs using the mandatory/non-mandatory binary setting to the label system

[ECA-6305] - Document new CT logs features

[ECA-6307] - Add code to System Configuration for adding/removing/editing CT log labels

[ECA-6309] - Modify Certificate Profiles to use the CT log label system instead of the mandatory/non-mandatory for min/max

[ECA-6310] - Create a table in CT settings for having the minimum number of logs set by validity at issuance

[ECA-6312] - Add an option in Certificate Profiles for CT log publishing to base the minimum number of logs on validity.

[ECA-6351] - Add CT backend support for labels, and submit to all logs in parallel

[ECA-6363] - Backport CVC Certificate Extensions to 6.10.1

[ECA-6365] - Custom CVC extensions in certificate requests

[ECA-6385] - Allow CT submission to use implicit min/max defined by validity (configuration option)

[ECA-6399] - Allow CT submission to use implicit min/max defined by validity (backend)


[ECA-6406] - Fix CT performance and error logging regressions

[ECA-5879] - Update quick install guide with ejbca-setup scripted installation

[ECA-6248] - Microoptimization of X509CertificateAuthenticationToken

[ECA-6260] - CaSession.getAllCaIds queries the database every time and should be cached

[ECA-6261] - Micro-optimize status lookup in WebAuthenticationSession.authenticate

[ECA-6262] - RaMasterAPI should cache active CA to determine if backend is available

[ECA-6263] - CertificateData.existsByIssuerAndSerno can be a micro-optimized

[ECA-6270] - Micro-optimize EndEntityManagementSession.existsUser

[ECA-6275] - Micro-optimize away one getIssuerDN in CertificateCreateSessionBean

[ECA-6276] - Remove dual verification of POPO

[ECA-6277] - Optimize to avoid repeated certificate encoding/decoding converting into BC class

[ECA-6297] - Optimize EjbcaWS to only enrich with raw subject DN when override will be used

[ECA-6306] - Avoid ArrayCopy in DNFieldExtractor.getUseFields

[ECA-6308] - Pre-allocate enough byte array buffer when writing XML

[ECA-6311] - Cache StringTools internal CharSet for forbidden characters

[ECA-6314] - Don't use Exception as condition handling in RequestMessageUtils

[ECA-6317] - Micro-optimize exists queries and get status

[ECA-6318] - Save one BCrypt operation internally in a transaction

[ECA-6334] - Remove old CT code

[ECA-6335] - Document required upgrade steps from EJBCA 3.x to 6.10

[ECA-6353] - Duplicated role members after upgrade to 6.8

[ECA-6381] - Forbid upgrading EJBCA from versions prior to 5.0.0

[ECA-6397] - Filter CT logs based on expiration date of certificate

Bug Fixes

[ECA-5945] - 'Roles which may approve this partition' resets when Members of role changes

[ECA-5977] - Continue to check connectivity to peers after MariaDB Galera Cluster error

[ECA-6198] - Upgrading KeyRecoveryData (with rows) past EJBCA 6.1.0 will fail

[ECA-6250] - AccessTreeUpdateData accessed too often, causing performance reduction

[ECA-6256] - "Description" attribute can not be used in Subject DN

[ECA-6258] - Approval partition metadata doesn't show up unless the partition has a title

[ECA-6264] - Fix javadoc compilation errors

[ECA-6268] - Approval metadata is lost in the RA gui when a request moves from Pending to Processed

[ECA-6274] - Approving/Viewing roles are removed when metadata is added to an Approval Profile

[ECA-6278] - CA Renewal with name change logs caid as 0

[ECA-6281] - Add flag to not reverse Custom DN order by the LDAP DN Order setting

[ECA-6300] - upgrade() in CAs should set new version last

[ECA-6327] - Wrong CT error message when saving certificate profile

[ECA-6341] - Upgrade of extended services from version before EJBCA 5 doesn't work correctly

[ECA-6343] - AccessUserAspectData must handle null matchValues after upgrade

[ECA-6346] - CAA fails to ignore issuewild statements for non-wildcard domains

[ECA-6348] - when trying to navigate RA Web nothing happens (Blank page). Error message occured in logs

[ECA-6349] - Error editing access rules and members in role in GUI after upgrade, can not get role with negative ID

[ECA-6358] - RA End Entity Search stops working until page reload if session is lost

[ECA-6359] - Certificates with null or zero End Entity Profile not accessible through RA

[ECA-6360] - X509AuthenticationToken match should ignore null values

[ECA-6375] - CAA mispelled in documentation

[ECA-6382] - Adding a new CT log without a label makes it unselectable

[ECA-6389] - Cosmetic Fixes to CT Log Configuration

[ECA-6393] - Sort CT Labels

[ECA-6394] - search.cgi certificate download by subejctKeyID hash doesn't always return the last if there are multiple

[ECA-6395] - Remove CTLOGTAB_MOVEDCTLOGS message

[ECA-6403] - Minimum SCTs should be possible to set to zero

Bug Fixes

[ECA-6426] - EJBCA needs "System upgrade" (from 6.8 -> 6.10.1) on a freshly installed database on the appliance

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