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EJBCA 6.12 Release Notes

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is pleased to announce the feature release EJBCA 6.12, and a small step but important step forward in the development of EJBCA. The first changes I'd like to divulge are organisational, we added some very important personell to our team. PrimeKey has hired a dedicated tech writer, Annica, who will be helping both the EJBCA and SignServer teams to get our much maligned documentation in order. Secondly, we've started taking in some outside help for development work, integrating them into our core team in order to increase throughput. So, what is new with this release? 


Revamped Documentation

Having listened to all your calls of woe and distress over the state of the documentation (and I may add, much of our own), our tech writer Annica has performed a Herculean effort in shifting the entire thing over to Confluence instead of the ancient xdoc format. 

Naturally, this is just a first step towards a far more organized, updated and user friendly documentation. You may notice a sense of chaos and disarray in the current structure, and while we agree with you fully, that is merely a consequence of the already existent structure coming to light. Major changes to take notice to that the Release Notes (this document), Change Log and Upgrade Notes have all been moved in here as well. They're still available offline from within the doc folder in the release zip, but are now also published both online and deployed with EJBCA to the application server. 

Configurable OCSP Extensions

We've put quite a bit of work into OCSP Extensions. Those of you familiar with OCSP Extensions will probably remember configuring them through configuration file.

In order to make extension configuration simpler and more precise we've moved it to the UI, and set it up to act per keybinding instead. Any existing extensions defined in the configuration files will automatically be added to existing OCSP keybinding configurations, but please read more about that and more in the EJBCA Upgrade Notes

Additional Proxying Capabilities in the RA

As response to external demand, we've added two new features to the RA:

  1. The ability to proxy SCEP requests, much as is done with CMP and EST already 
  2. We added forwarding of revocation and revocation status requests over SOAP. The full list of methods in the EJBCA WS that can be proxied via the RA are:
  • certificateRequest

  • checkRevokationStatus

  • getLastCertChain

  • keyRecover

  • keyRecoverEnroll

  • revokeCert

The ConfigDump Export and Audit Tool 

Some of you may be previously familiar with our StateDump tool, an application for exporting and importing installations. While this has solved many problems for us and some of our customers in our past, a very common deficiency in the tool has always been that the XML based dumps are difficult to read, edit and manage, and that the data therein has never been human readable. We have thus decided to venture on remaking this tool from the ground up, and making the first iteration (which is only export capable) publicly available. It is built and run from the command line:

This results in a neat structure of export files sorted by type:

Which are serialized and normalized as yaml objects. Any UID references are replaced with their human-readable names.

We very much hope that you'll find this tool useful in the future for change handling and auditing. 

Upgrade Information

Read the EJBCA 6.12 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.12.0, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.12.0

Released on 4 April 2018


ECA-6464 - Implement UnidFnr as a Module

ECA-6466 - YAML Based Configuration Export

New Features

ECA-1960 - GUI: End-Entity Search results usability (actions with buttons)

ECA-5752 - Split out CSS from AdminGUI template.xhtml and provide theme support

ECA-5840 - Create an ant script that automatically exports EJBCA documentation to a local directory

ECA-6477 - Create base classes for the web test module

ECA-6514 - Create test + pilot export with basic End Entity Profiles export using YAML

ECA-6515 - Finish End Entity Profile YAML export

ECA-6516 - Create CLI interface for YAML export

ECA-6517 - Create YAML export for Validators

ECA-6518 - Create YAML export for CAs

ECA-6519 - Create YAML export for Certificate Profiles

ECA-6521 - Create YAML export for EST Configuration

ECA-6522 - Create YAML export for Services

ECA-6523 - Create YAML export for Publishers

ECA-6524 - Create YAML export for Crypto Tokens

ECA-6525 - Create YAML export for Roles

ECA-6526 - Create YAML export for Peer Connectors

ECA-6527 - Create YAML export for Internal Key Bindings

ECA-6528 - Create YAML export for Ocsp Configuration

ECA-6530 - Create YAML export for Admin Preferences

ECA-6532 - Options for what to include and exclude in YAML export

ECA-6533 - Create module for YAML export

ECA-6543 - Add CLI support for EST configs

ECA-6544 - Update test.xmli for YAML module

ECA-6546 - Implement java.util.Map to YAML conversion

ECA-6549 - Create automated test for ECAQA-153

ECA-6550 - Create automated test for ECAQA-87

ECA-6560 - Create automated test for ECAQA-98

ECA-6567 - Create automated test for ECAQA-78

ECA-6580 - Create YAML export for User Notifications in End Entity Profiles

ECA-6606 - Certificate revocation using EJBCA WebService API through External (Peer) RA

ECA-6615 - Fail hard if building with Confluence pull property set, but Confluence server can't be contacted.

ECA-6617 - Ensure that the Confluence docs are automatically (and always) updated with the ziprelease.

ECA-6620 - Put a placeholder page in Documentation if building without any prior Documentation retrieved

ECA-6629 - Create YAML export for SCEP configuration

ECA-6634 - Support SCEP via the RA

ECA-6646 - Remap all ? links in CA UI from old documentation to new Confluence based documentation

ECA-6649 - Configdump CA fixes

ECA-6661 - Remove init code from UNID-FNR OCSP Extension implementation

ECA-6662 - Entity bean (protected data)

ECA-6663 - SSB (with logic to check signature)

ECA-6664 - Create Scripts for DB Table

ECA-6665 - Module for UnidFnr

ECA-6666 - UnidFnr upgrade handling

ECA-6671 - Add CA ID generation to clientToolBox

ECA-6672 - OCSP ext. UI selection per keybinding

ECA-6695 - Create automated test for ECAQA-138

ECA-6696 - Create a helper class for Web Tests

ECA-6714 - Add description field for IKB "Trusted Certificates"


ECA-6465 - Investigate the impact of curve aliases changing in BC v1.59

ECA-6483 - Add static code analyzing support for EJBCA code base.

ECA-6493 - Clean up warnings in CertProfileBean

ECA-6513 - Investigate and decide library to use for YAML

ECA-6553 - Update copyright year to 2018

ECA-6561 - Clean up and tighten up site

ECA-6585 - Create a CT logging Test Root

ECA-6720 - Remove old UNID-FNR properties from


ECA-2156 - GUI: Search forms layout and usability

ECA-2731 - Move all find* methods from EndEntityManagementSession to EndEntityAccessSession

ECA-3417 - CaSession.getCAInfo and other get* methods in CaSession should return null

ECA-3610 - Bring all CRUD methods from UserData to EndEntityAccessSession

ECA-3772 - InformationMemory and associated cache classes are redundant and should be removed

ECA-5382 - RA: Allow certain admins to see requests that they are not allowed to approve

ECA-5499 - Use Facelet templating instead of frames

ECA-5520 - Additional information shown for CSRs uploaded

ECA-5675 - Request custom search should have date help in the RA

ECA-5769 - Support for nameSpace in EJBCA CLI

ECA-5864 - Make it possible to change EEP of an EE

ECA-6298 - CaInfo.getCertificateChain should return a List instead of a Collection

ECA-6320 - Allow validators to render dynamic values.

ECA-6325 - RA Web: Make the EE/Cert Details page match the search page

ECA-6352 - RA Web: Add a link back to the EE when viewing a certificate

ECA-6356 - Create system tests for modular protocol configuration

ECA-6411 - Move ServiceManifestBuilder into its own project

ECA-6437 - Ability to specify a subjectAltName and issuerAltName when creating CAs with CLI

ECA-6479 - Approval Partition names are not shown in the CA UI.

ECA-6501 - Add sun/security/action to jboss-deployment-structure.xml

ECA-6503 - Remove Web Tests from zip release

ECA-6506 - Null Pointer Exception when viewing an Accumulative Approval Request in Admin GUI

ECA-6551 - Format validation message properly under QueryGenerator

ECA-6554 - clientToolBox test with 8192 bit RSA keys fails with exception

ECA-6563 - GUI: Improve punctuation in English language for Admin GUI

ECA-6565 - Clean up language files

ECA-6566 - Clarifying ocsp.extensionoid description

ECA-6583 - Command line option to turn Configdump exceptions into warnings

ECA-6586 - Append file extension to YAML files

ECA-6590 - Replace spaces and special characters in configdump file names

ECA-6592 - Make YAML keys case consistent

ECA-6595 - Configdump export should require authentication token

ECA-6596 - Improve debug logging in CT with some more details

ECA-6600 - State BR version in the drop down in key validators

ECA-6605 - Create a unit test to ensure that CAA record sets that contain no ISSUE/ISSUE_WILD statements allow issuance

ECA-6607 - Refactoring the message keys of actions

ECA-6608 - GUI: Harmonize all popup windows

ECA-6610 - Remove redundant CAA language properties

ECA-6611 - Move guides section from EJBCA homepage to Confluence Documentation

ECA-6612 - Create an atomic WS call to perform key recovery

ECA-6613 - Include ConfigDump in ZipRelease

ECA-6614 - Allow PKCS#10 challengePassword encoded as IA5String

ECA-6616 - Source Confluence information from a PK-only properties file to avoid leaking data

ECA-6618 - Remove legacy documentation from EJBCA trunk

ECA-6619 - More gracefully handle deploying a Community release on an Enterprise installation

ECA-6637 - Basic System Configuration YAML export

ECA-6642 - When calling WS separate error messages if not authorized or if WS is disabled

ECA-6643 - Report unhandled getters in ConfigDump as errors

ECA-6645 - Make crypto token page resilient agains NPE when downgrading to Community

ECA-6650 - Ability to provide password piped to PKCS11HSMKeyTool

ECA-6651 - Update all links in the PrimeKey site to point to the new documentation.

ECA-6652 - ClientToolBox: document that generatenewuser uses two WS calls, and reference to certreq for the same functionality with a single WS call

ECA-6653 - EST re-enrollment should not also require username and password authentication

ECA-6657 - Improve performance when add a warning to each key in the crypto token already in use by another CA

ECA-6658 - Run.bat not in ejbca-db-cli

ECA-6675 - Move release notes, change log and upgrade documentation to Confluence

ECA-6679 - ConfigDump should handle relative paths on the CLI

ECA-6693 - Add ability to set explicitecc Crypto Token flag when renewing CA using the CLI

ECA-6697 - Allow for the same CT log appear in multiple CT log groups

ECA-6701 - Add Last-Modified, Expires and Etag headers to OCSP Post Responses

ECA-6706 - Restructure OCSP unid extension module to ejbca-ejb

ECA-6708 - Update tests for ProtocolLookupServerHttpTest for new UNID implementation

ECA-6716 - Remove Unid Data Source configuration and clean up Unid tests

ECA-6722 - Improve OCSP Extensions section in Admin GUI

ECA-6729 - File upload for test function of ExternalCommandCertificateValidator broken for Firefox and Chrome

Bug Fixes

ECA-5683 - Unescape escaped characters in SubjectAltName

ECA-6110 - Save should result in an error when 'Required' is checked for Subject DN Attributes

ECA-6489 - Header/footer filenames in System Configuration get reverted to default values

ECA-6500 - Typo in about ca.keepocspextendedservice

ECA-6502 - Approval state is not saved in Admin GUI

ECA-6507 - Certificate profile Approval style broken/ugly

ECA-6508 - ${ca.tokenpassword} in cli.xml should be quoted to allow whitespace and empty password

ECA-6510 - Cannot create certificate with a plus sign in SAN URI field

ECA-6538 - Modify all calls to FileUtils.writeStringToFile(...) to specify charset.

ECA-6548 - Approval Profiles WARNING javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.renderkit

ECA-6555 - Approve Actions with Status 'Expired' shows when Status 'Waiting' is used

ECA-6559 - Regression: CA Functions page broken due to non-JSP friendly code

ECA-6564 - Replace the word 'Unselect' by 'Deselect' in English language

ECA-6570 - Default CA Id is incorrect when importing an end entity profile with a missing CA Id

ECA-6571 - Search for expired approvals in RA Web is broken

ECA-6575 - Regression: importcacert command does not work with parameter 'initauth'

ECA-6579 - GUI: Word 'Actions' with 's' in table column headers

ECA-6581 - Regression: Add End Entity with name constraints permitted causes stacktrace

ECA-6589 - Regression: Editing an EE with name constraints causes NPE

ECA-6591 - Regression: DynamicUiProperty radio buttons not rendered

ECA-6597 - CAFingerprint of certificates are not populated correctly when importing CA and user certificates

ECA-6602 - Missing last used EE profile in Admin Preferences causes ConfigDump error

ECA-6609 - GUI: Tables graphically broken on home page

ECA-6621 - RA Web: Alignment of Certificate table

ECA-6639 - RA: New role can not be created if RA-login-role belongs to Namespace

ECA-6640 - Advanced search of EE doesn't follow RA Admin profile restrictions

ECA-6641 - WS through Peer RA does not work without a local Role on the RA

ECA-6644 - clientToolBox can not create proper CVCA link certificates

ECA-6654 - PublicCryptoToken can't be used for database protection verification

ECA-6656 - Order of SAN fields should not change if it comes from the CSR

ECA-6660 - RA: A comma in the certificate subject DN is displayed with leading /

ECA-6677 - ejbca-setup quick install script fails to run SQL cleanup commands

ECA-6678 - Warning about missing IKB ID null from ConfigDump

ECA-6681 - Fix warning about missing Validator getters from ConfigDump

ECA-6694 - CMP Configuration upgrade does not work

ECA-6698 - Unknown key binding causes Internal Key Bindings page to crash

ECA-6699 - CT label requirements (e.g. Google / non-Google) are sometimes not satisfied

ECA-6709 - Regression: Certificates with tag characters < > in directory name cannot be imported

ECA-6712 - 'Use IODEF E-mail' and 'Use IODEF WEB' checkmarks are behaving strangely

ECA-6718 - keyRecover WS call forwarded over peer connection throws if not available locally

ECA-6723 - OSCP signing cache does not update properly.

ECA-6725 - Fields not disabled when viewing a Validator

ECA-6730 - Fix test failures due to NPE in CaTestCase

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