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EJBCA 6.12 Upgrade Notes

Listed in this document are important changes and upgrade requirements from EJBCA 6.11 to EJBCA 6.12. For detailed upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrade and Reconfigure. For full details of the new features and improvements in this release, see the EJBCA 6.12 Release Notes

RA Role Management

EJBCA 6.12 changes how role namespaces works for administrators with access to the "/"-access rule. In previous version Prior to 6.12, access to the "/"-rule would implicitly grant access to all Role Namespaces, even if the administrator was only added to roles in one or more specific namespaces. As of 6.12, this is no longer the case, and administrators must be explicitly added to roles under the namespaces they should be able to access. Note that the Super Administrator role by default has access to the root namespace, and is not affected by this change, unless the role has been moved to a different namespace.


In previous versions of EJBCA, trustdir and CA Certificate were defined in for the UnidFnr OCSP Extension. During upgrade to EJBCA 6.12.0, the extensions defined by OID in will added to each OCSP Key Binding. Additionally, each certificate in the specified UnidFnr trustdir will be imported as trust entries for each Key Binding. If UnidFnr is enabled in your installation, the CA certificate pointed to by "ocsp.unidcacert" MUST be imported into EJBCA before upgrading.

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