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EJBCA 6.15.1 Release Notes

We couldn't stay away, so at the same time as the UI is being refurbished and prepared for our coming Common Criteria certification we've been busy adding some neat new features to EJBCA 6.15: Publishers Galore!

Feature List

Multi Group Publishing 

 In order to facilitate for users administrating large numbers of publishers referenced in multiple certificate profiles, we've implemented the Multi Group Publisher

By referencing Multi Group Publishers instead of the affected publishers directly, actions such as adding or removing VAs can quickly permeate throughout all affected certificate profiles. The publisher also allows splitting referenced publishers into groups, which establishes parallel publishing queues. 

SCP Publishing and VA Population

Due to popular demand for an alternative to the Peer Publisher in environments where establishing a Peer Connection between CA and VA isn't an option, we've created the SCP Publisher, which publishes certificates and CRLs to a remote location over SCP.

Conversely, in order to import certificates and CRLs exported by the SCP Publisher a VA, we've implemented the Certificate and CRL Reader Service. 

GDPR Adapted Legacy VA Publisher

Just like we did for the Peer VA Publisher back in EJBCA 6.13, we've GDPR adapted the Legacy VA Publisher.


By enabling the new Don't store certificate meta data option at the bottom, VA publishing can be performed without writing any identifying information to the VA. 

Revocation Time added to CertSafe Publisher

The output of the CertSafe Publisher has been amended to include revocation time. 

EJBCA Compatibility Guide

A long requested feature, we've now started maintaining a compatibility guide in the documentation in regards to compatibility and testing status of JDKs, Application Servers, databases, HSMs, etc. For more information, see EJBCA Compatibility Guide.

Upgrade Information

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.15.1, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.15.1

Released on 20 November 2018

New Features

ECA-7202 - ACME system tests - analyse, improve and enable skipped system tests

ECA-7382 - GUI modifications in Edit Publisher for MultiGroupPublisher

ECA-7392 - Data structure for MultiGroupPublisher

ECA-7393 - Backend logic for MultiGroupPublisher

ECA-7395 - Code for converting between textfield data and MultiGroupPublishers groups

ECA-7396 - Implement PublisherSession.getPublisherNameToIdMap

ECA-7401 - Implement ConfigDump export for MultiGroupPublisher

ECA-7425 - Add SCP Publisher implementation

ECA-7426 - Implement Certificate/CRL Reader implementation


ECA-3917 - Warn user when trying to creating multiple representations of the same P11 slot

ECA-7402 - Add synchronization to org.cesecore.util.ui.DynamicUiProperty.values

ECA-7406 - Move EnterpriseValidationAuthorityPublisher from va module into plugin-ee module

ECA-7409 - Add option to send JUnit tests standard output to console

ECA-7416 - Speed up import of certificate directory using the CLI

ECA-7420 - Minor security issue

ECA-7424 - Move CertSafePublisher into plugins-ee module

ECA-7430 - Add missing "isRequired" CCE field to ConfigDump

ECA-7432 - Colour-code modular protocol configuration table

ECA-7436 - GDPR Adapt the Legacy VA Publisher

ECA-7442 - Allow creation of quick zipreleases without having SVN installed

ECA-7446 - Add authorization to CustomPublisherContainer.getCustomUiPropertyList

ECA-7449 - Security: fix minor scanner issues

ECA-7450 - Multi Group Publisher: Only queue certificate statuses that will be published

ECA-7451 - Remove leftover from certificatestore build.xml

ECA-7453 - Disallow deletion of publishers in use by Multi Group Publisher

ECA-7454 - Documentation for Multi Group Publisher

ECA-7465 - Documentation: Missing steps in AD publisher TLS configuration

ECA-7468 - Add revocation time to CertSafe Publisher JSON

ECA-7471 - Allow system tests to run with EJBCA not on localhost

ECA-7479 - Prevent compiling with Java 11, as long as it doesn't work

ECA-7490 - Use relative keystore paths in scripts

ECA-7493 - Allow any user of full checked out source to make alpha CE ziprelease

ECA-7507 - Skip ProtectedDataPKCS11Test when no PKCS#11 library is configured

ECA-7510 - DnFieldExtractorTest fails in CE version

Bug Fixes

ECA-7336 - OCSP warningBeforeExpirationTime not working

ECA-7407 - Probing confluence during build even if doc-update=false

ECA-7408 - Don't shadow remote EJB client classes in system tests

ECA-7411 - AcmeOrderData is missing ORM for all db types except "mysql"

ECA-7412 - ACME ORM XML for postgres uses <lob></lob>

ECA-7434 - Add modular protocol configuration to Statedump

ECA-7441 - EJBCA WS tests fail with SunCertPathBuilderException

ECA-7455 - Security: security issue

ECA-7472 - AcmeWorkflowTest assumes "which" is available on test system

ECA-7476 - Regression: X-FRAME-OPTIONS sometimes blocks admin UI head banner

ECA-7487 - Creating Crypto Token on same slot as database protection breaks DB protection

ECA-7489 - batchenrollmentgui does not build

ECA-7497 - Fix VaEnterpriseValidationAuthorityPublisherTest test failure

ECA-7506 - test:run fails to compile CertificateCrlReaderSystemTest

ECA-7509 - Extra field added to the legacy VA Publisher

ECA-7515 - NPE in getCaaIdentities when using ACME

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