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EJBCA 6.7 Upgrade Notes

EJBCA 6.6 to EJBCA 6.7

Here are some important notes on upgrading to EJBCA 6.7. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

For details of the new features and improvements in this release, see the EJBCA 6.7 Release Notes.

EJBCA 6.7.0 removes the value ocsp.responderidtype as read from The responder ID type (default keyhash) has, since the introduction of Internal Key Bindings back in EJBCA 6.0.0, been set for each OCSP  keybinding individually, and thus the value from has only been used for CAs acting as their own responders. From EJBCA 6.7.0 this value will be set from the OCSP Keybindings tab instead of in

SHA1WithRSA and SHA1WithECDSA are no longer acceptable signature algorithms for an OCSP responder. If you are running a legacy responder that still need to use these deprecated algorithms, you have to configure these in the setting 'ocsp.signaturealgorithm' in conf/

Incorrectly padded base64 encoded strings are no longer accepted by Bouncy Castle's base64 decoder used in EJBCA.

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