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EJBCA Introduction

EJBCA is one of the longest running CA software projects, providing time-proven robustness and reliability. EJBCA is platform independent, and can easily be scaled out to match the needs of your PKI requirements, whether you're setting up a national eID, securing your industrial IoT platform or managing your own internal PKI. 

EJBCA covers all your needs - from certificate management, registration and enrollment to certificate validation.

Certificate Lifecycle Management

EJBCA provides full capabilities for managing your certificate lifecycles, from powerful profiles that give you fine-grained and easily configured control over the identities and properties of your cryptographic certificates, automated validation of submitted keys and certification requests and multiple enrollment vectors through our own Registration Authority UI and all common enrollment protocols, to advanced administrative workflows to ensure that your organization retains control and oversight of your certificates.

EJBCA provides easy to use tools to allow administrators to easily revoke and renew certificates, ensuring that lost keys are immediately contained and that your organization suffers no downtime. 

Integration and DevOps

EJBCA is built from the ground up to be easy and painless to deploy and maintain. A frequent release cycle ensures that bugs are quickly fixed and mitigated, and through clustering we allow upgrades to take place over an entire PKI with zero downtime. We have provided migration guides from several legacy PKIs, and integration guides to multiple third-party applications and guides for most Hardware Security Module vendors

Dynamic and Scalable

EJBCA is your one-stop shop, from setting up your own self-contained PKI to setting up a complex infrastructure with 100% uptime requirements and extreme performance demands. EJBCA instances can easily be couple securely over TLS in order to secure your CA infrastructure as much as possible while providing accessibility to registration and validation nodes. By clustering nodes, high levels of reliability and performance can be achieved, achieving high degrees of availability regardless of external circumstances. 

The following sections cover EJBCA concepts and architectures, and provides an overview of EJBCA's capabilities and support:

EJBCA Concepts

EJBCA implements Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) according to standards such as X.509 and IETF-PKIX, and thus follows the general PKI concepts closely. The administration of the PKI includes some EJBCA specific concepts in order to implement unique flexibility. For definitions for general and EJBCA specific concepts and key terms, see EJBCA Concepts.

EJBCA Architecture

There are multiple ways that you can implement and architect a PKI solution, ranging from simple and low cost, to very complex and costly. EJBCA allows implementing virtually any type of PKI architecture, for information on a selection of common PKI architectures deployed, see EJBCA Architecture.

Interoperability and Certifications

For an overview of EJBCA's capabilities and support, with relevant links to documentation and external standards, see Interoperability and Certifications.

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