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The following provides information for troubleshooting performance and timeouts issues. To view general troubleshooting tips and search for troubleshooting topics, see EJBCA Troubleshooting.

Transaction Timeouts 


You keep getting transaction timeouts.


In some cases, either if you have a slow machine or very large data sets, some common operations can take a long time to complete. The default transaction timeout of the application servers may not be enough.


Session Bean Timeouts

Generally, CRL generation and other known long-running operations already have larger transaction timeout configured in modules/cesecore-ejb/src/META-INF/jboss-ejb3.xml and modules/ejbca-ejb/resources/jboss-ejb3.xml.

Application Server Timeouts

Update the application server transaction timeout.

For example, to modify the transaction timeout in the JBoss CLI, run:


For more application server-specific instructions, see Application Servers.

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