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Troubleshooting Guide

The following provides some general troubleshooting tips and subsections with categorized information to help you get back on track.

View Server Log File

To troubleshoot unexpected behavior, the server.log file usually displays errors that can be read. During a startup, the server.log displays a lot of useful information and possible errors such as problems connecting to the database or similar.

A good procedure is to start a fresh log file to only get the information you need. To start a new log file, do the following:

  1. Stop the application server.
  2. Remove the old server.log (delete or archive) from standalone/log.
  3. Start the application server.
  4. Follow the server.log file in standalone/log/server.log.

Errors shown last in the file may be follow up symptoms of the original error. If you receive an error at the end of the log file, review the beginning of the file to find the first error, which is usually the cause.

For more information, see Logging.

Debug Logging

To troubleshoot unexpected behavior, enable more detailed (debug) logging by running the following command in the JBoss CLI:

/subsystem=logging/logger=org.ejbca:write-attribute(name=level, value=DEBUG)
/subsystem=logging/logger=org.cesecore:write-attribute(name=level, value=DEBUG)

Do not get intimidated by long stack-traces but look for the message text and additional clues on lines starting with Caused by:. Reproduce issues in a test environment with full debug logging enabled and to find out under what circumstances the issue occurs, seemingly spontaneous or as a response to a certain set of actions or input? For more information, see Enabling Debug Logging and Logging.

Online Documentation

Ensure that your configuration is correct and performed according to the steps described in the EJBCA Installation section.

Online Community

Public forums for discussions and help requests are hosted on Sourceforge and there are also mailing lists to subscribe to.

For EJBCA discussion forums, see Sourceforge EJBCA Discussion Forums and for EJBCA mailing lists, refer to Sourceforge EJBCA Mailing Lists.

PrimeKey Support

Customers with a valid support contract can contact PrimeKey Support and search the PrimeKey Support Portal.

Troubleshooting Topics

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