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ServiceNow REST Integration

The following covers the procedures required to Integrate a ServiceNow instance with EJBCA using the REST API.

This guide is written for the San Diego release of ServiceNow. All functionality is supported in previous releases, but certain steps such as button selection and menu options might differ.

The ServiceNow Integration with EJBCA is configured in the following steps:


The following lists what this guide covers and items not yet included.

Included in this guide:

  • Configuring ServiceNow to perform a REST call against EJBCA that will gather metadata for each certificate. The metadata includes Username, Revocation Status, Expiration Date, Subject DN, and Issuer DN.
  • Creating a report containing all certificate metadata. The steps in this guide will create a Generic Database Query Report.

Items not included that will be added in future updates of this guide:

  • Creating additional transformation and business rules to convert dates and codes to a more readable format.
  • Catalog Items including Flow Designer.


The following lists the required servers, services, clients, and applications used in this guide.

EJBCA7.8.1 or Later
ServiceNowParis or Later
EJBCA (Create)
  • Certificate Profiles
  • Entity Profiles
  • Administrator Privileges
  • Certificates
  • System Administrator role on the ServiceNow Instance 
  • HTTPS communication with EJBCA

Next: Configure EJBCA

Next, find instructions on how to Configure EJBCA.

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