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NPKD Upgrade

This section provides information on upgrading from your current version to a later version of NPKD.

Upgrading to NPKD 1.6.1 from NPKD 1.4.x or older versions are no longer supported. If upgrading from NPKD 1.4.x or older versions, you need to upgrade to an intermediate version first.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow the steps below to upgrade NPKD to a new version.

Database Backup

We recommend making a full database backup before upgrading NPKD.

Unpack the NPKD Release Package

Unpack the release ZIP file on the server using the unzip command. This creates a new folder called npkd-X.Y.Z, where X.Y.Z is the version number. Adjust the paths as needed to match the installation directory.

unzip -q -d /opt/primekey/

If you use a symbolic link to reference NPKD, ensure to update it:

ln -snf /opt/primekey/npkd-X.Y.Z /opt/primekey/npkd

Copy the Existing Configuration

Copy the existing configuration, in the conf directory, from the previous version to the new version. Adjust the paths in the command.

cp /opt/npkd-OLD/conf/*.properties /opt/npkd-NEW/conf/

Review Release Notes

Upgrades to certain versions may introduce changes that are important to be aware of and may require additional upgrade steps to be taken.

For important information to be aware of when upgrading from an earlier version of NPKD, ensure to review the NPKD Release Notes before upgrading (also available in your NPKD release folder under doc/RELEASE_NOTES.txt).

Check Database Upgrade Script

Check if there are relevant upgrade scripts in doc/sql-scripts. The scripts are named upgrade-OLD-to-NEW.sql, where NEW is the new version and OLD is the preceding version.

If you did not already run the scripts, do it now. Use the following syntax:

mysql DB-NAME -u DB-USERNAME -p < doc/sql-scripts/upgrade-OLD-to-NEW.sql

Ensure to run all relevant upgrade scripts, if there is more than one since the existing version, and in the correct order

Deploy the New Version

NPKD releases come with pre-built binary code, so no compilation is required. Using the ant tool, it is possible to build and deploy a software package to the application server.

Use the following command to build and deploy NPKD:

ant deploy-ear

Restart the Application Server

As a final step, please restart the application server and wait for it to start up.

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