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Algorithm Support

This page lists algorithms that are known to work or not work with the current implementation. Also, see the specific SignServer Signer for algorithms that signers can work with and review signer-specific algorithm support pages.

Signature Algorithms

Algorithm NameAlso Known AsComment
(error)SHA1withRSARSASSA-PKCS_v1.5 using SHA1
(tick)SHA256withRSARSASSA-PKCS_v1.5 using SHA256
(tick)SHA512withRSARSASSA-PKCS_v1.5 using SHA512


(tick)SHA512withRSAandMGF1RSASSA-PSS using SHA512


ECDSA using SHA256
(tick)SHA512withECDSAECDSA using SHA512
(tick)Ed25519Pure EdDSA with Edwards25519Depending on the Signer.
(error)Ed448Pure EdDSA with Edwards448Not yet implemented.

Key Algorithms

Algorithm NameKey SpecificationComment
  • 1024
  • 2048
  • 4096

Other key lengths are likely also working.


Named curves:

  • secp224r1
  • secp256r1 / prime256v1 / P-256
  • secp384r1
  • secp521r1
More named curves are likely working.


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