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Build and Sign Software Artifact

The following covers how to build and sign the software artifact.

The following instructions assume that EJBCA, SignServer and Jenkins instances have been set up. The Jenkins server is pre-configured with a pipeline to build the sample Java project, but some configuration is needed to use the SignServer instance. For more information, see Prerequisites: Set up Instances.

Run the Pipeline

When making changes in Git, and pushing them with git stage and git commit, the pipeline is built automatically after a while, with a poll interval configured in Jenkins.

To trigger a build manually, forcing the pipeline to run even if nothing is changed, perform the following in the Jenkins Admin UI:

  1. Click Open Blue Ocean on the left to access Jenkins’s Blue Ocean interface.
  2. Click on the simple-java pipeline to view previous executions of the pipeline.
  3. Click Run to start the build/test/deliver process.
  4. Click the running job to drill down on the output from the scripts.





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