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MS Authenticode Signer Algorithm Support

The following lists algorithm support for the MS Authenticode Signer.

Signature Algorithms

The signer also relies on support for the algorithm in the Crypto Token used, so also review that the desired algorithm is supported by the configured crypto token. 

The following lists supported algorithms that are tested and known to work with a Crypto Token supporting it and therefore the list may not be complete.

Algorithm NameAlso Known AsComment
(tick)SHA1withRSARSASSA-PKCS1_v1.5 using SHA1
(tick)SHA256withRSARSASSA-PKCS1_v1.5 using SHA256
(tick)SHA384withRSARSASSA-PKCS1_v1.5 using SHA384
(tick)SHA512withRSARSASSA-PKCS1_v1.5 using SHA512
(minus)NONEwithRSARSASSA-PKCS1_v1.5Not applicable to Authenticode signatures.


ECDSA using SHA1


ECDSA using SHA256
(tick)SHA512withECDSAECDSA using SHA512
(minus)NONEwithECDSAECDSANot applicable to Authenticode signatures.

Digest Algorithms

Algorithm NameComment
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