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Other Properties

Workers are configured by setting properties in the worker configuration. The common configuration options handled by the framework apply to all workers. In addition, there are worker specific properties, handled by the worker implementation. For more information, see Common Configuration.

DISABLEDSetting this to true disables a worker. A disabled worker cannot perform any operations and any requests to the worker will fail. The status is visible on the Workers Page. Note that disabled workers are not included in the Health Check report. Default: false.

Setting this to true in a signer uses explicit domain parameters instead of Named Curves when generating a certificate request (CSR) using the RenewalWorker or through the Admin Web Worker Page. Default: false.

(warning) The CSR must be generated from the worker and not using the Crypto Token tab.

NOCERTIFICATES Setting this to true tells SignServer not to warn if no signer certificate is configured for this worker. Can be useful for special types of workers not performing any signing operations. Default: false.
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