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Upgrade SignServer

This section provides information on upgrading from your current version to a later version of SignServer.

Also see the SignServer Upgrade Notes for important notes on upgrading to the planned version.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow the steps below to upgrade SignServer to a new version.

  1. Make a database backup before upgrading, to ensure you can roll back to the previous version if something goes seriously wrong.
  2. Unpack the SignServer release package.
  3. Copy the conf/*.properties file(s) from your earlier installation.
    This step is not required if you are using an signserver-custom directory, see Custom Configuration Outside of Installation Directory.
  4. Review the SignServer Upgrade Notes for information to be aware of when upgrading SignServer.
  5. Upgrade Java and the application server if required by the new SignServer version. For more information, see Prerequisites.
  6. Deploy SignServer: 
    1. Run bin/ant deploy to build the configuration and deploy it to the selected application server:

      bin/ant deploy
    2. Make sure the application server is running and verify that SignServer was deployed correctly.
      For example, look at the server log or for WildFly, run:

      ls /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments | grep signserver.ear*
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