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Applications: Configuring Application Log Level

The following describes how to raise the Application Log Level.

  1. Log in to your Software Appliance and open the Application page.
  2. In the section Additional Application Settings the Application Log Level is set to INFO as default.

    Drop down list Application Log Levels:

    • INFO (default)
    • DEBUG
    • TRACE
    • ALL
  3. Specify the log level and confirm with Save Settings.

If you change the log level beyond INFO (default), a warning message is displayed that changing the log level may log secrets and trigger a restart of the Software Application.

Confirm the change with Update Log Level.


A permanent warning is displayed on all pages if the configured log level is higher than "INFO", because sensitive data could leak.

Excessive Data Logging Enabled

It is not recommended to run EJBCA with an elevated log level. Secrets and/or confidential data could show up in your log files.

The warning includes a built-in Configure Application Logging button that directs you to the Application Logging Settings.

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