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EJBCA Software Appliance 2.3.2 Release Notes

MARCH 2023

The Software Appliance team is pleased to announce the release of EJBCA Software Appliance version 2.3.2.

This release includes enhancements to our hardware security module (HSM) integration with support for Thales TCT Luna T-Series HSM and new features for Entrust nShield HSMs. With this release, we have also added support for additional HSM drivers. The EJBCA Enterprise version remains unchanged for this release.


Support for Thales TCT Luna T-Series HSM

EJBCA Software Appliance now supports Thales TCT Luna T-Series HSM. This integration allows you to utilize the advanced features of the Thales TCT Luna T-Series HSM seamlessly with our platform.

New features for Entrust nShield HSMs

Two new features for Entrust nShield HSMs have been implemented: Load Sharing Mode and Software-Based Authentication.

Load Sharing Mode allows multiple HSMs to share the same cryptographic key and load-balance operations across them, which improves performance and reduces downtime.

Software-Based Authentication allows users to authenticate the HSM not only by the client’s IP address, but also using a signing key.

Added support for new HSM drivers

We have also added support for the following new HSM drivers:

  • Utimaco SecurityServer
  • Thales Luna Minimal Client 10.5.1
  • Thales TCT Client 7.12.1

With these new drivers, our platform is now compatible with a wider range of HSM models and versions, giving you more flexibility to choose the right HSM according to your needs.

Upgrade Information

For information on the required steps to update the version of the EJBCA Software Appliance, see Update Software Appliance Version.

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