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Step 1

Start by copying the Universal Orchestrator to the Linux server you wish to run the Universal Orchestrator on. Use a command such as the following to SCP the file to the host.

scp ~/Downloads/ username@<IP_ADDRESS>:/home/username/

If you are using public key-based authentication to your server, it would resemble the following command.

scp -i ~/.ssh/public_key.pem ~/Downloads/ username@<IP_ADDRESS>:/home/username/

Step 2

Use the same command to SCP the SetupOrchestrator_{deploymentName}.sh script to the server. Alternatively, use vi, vim, or nano to create a new file and paste the contents into the file. Add execute permissions to the file once it is created.

chmod +x SetupOrchestrator_{deploymentName}.sh

Step 3

Ensure that the SetupOrchestrator_{deploymentName}.sh and the UniversalOrchestrator .zip file are in the same directory.

Step 4

Run the SetupOrchestrator_{deploymentName}.sh script.


The first thing the script will do is check for and install any dependencies that it needs to run. For additional information on the UO installation requirements, refer to the documentation.

Step 5

Next, it will try to connect to the Command SaaS deployment. If the connection fails, it is likely because it is required to allow any addresses into the Command SaaS deployment via the Self-Service Source IP feature of the Command SaaS Portal. If this happens, run the command to get your outbound IP address and add the following command to the Portal.


Step 6

The script will then detect your OS version and install .NET Core and any other required dependencies. Once done, the script will ask you for your Client Secret to access your Command SaaS deployment. Copy and paste the Client Secret into the terminal, and then press Enter.


Step 7

You should then see a message telling you to go to the Command Portal to approve the Universal Orchestrator.

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