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Worker Crypto Token Page

For workers having a crypto token, this page displays the key entries in the token and offers actions for managing the entries.



Key alias of the entry.

Clicking the link displays details for the token entry. The fields displayed depend on the crypto token implementation and type of key entry. Examples of fields displayed:

AliasName of the entry.

PRIVATEKEY_ENTRY for private keys (asymmetric keys),

SECUREKEY_ENTRY for secret keys (symmetric keys), and

TRUSTED_ENTRY for trusted certificate entries.

Creation DateDate when the key was created (if available).

Subject DN for the certificate in the token.

Clicking the link View displays the Worker Certificate Details Page.

Key SpecificationKey length for RSA and DSA keys, or curve for ECDSA keys.
SigningsNumber of signatures created using the key.
Public ExponentPublic exponent (in decimal) for RSA keys.
Key AlgorithmKey algorithm such as RSA, DSA or ECDSA.
PKCS#11 AttributesList of some of the potentially relevant PKCS#11 attributes and their values for the private key object.
ModifiableTrue if the CKA_MODIFIABLE attribute is specified for the private key object.
Allowed Mechanisms

List of mechanisms (i.e. signature algorithms) that are allowed to be used with this key and are stored in the CKA_ALLOWED_MECHANISMS PKCS#11 attribute of the private key.


Wrapping Key

Key alias of the secret/symmetric wrapping key in the token that is used to unwrap this key (if the key was wrapped).

See the DEFAULTKEY worker property in P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoToken and P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoWorker.

Wrapping Cipher

PKCS#11 mechanism name of cipher algorithm used to wrap the keys by secret/symmetric key. Example: CKM_AES_CBC_PAD

See the WRAPPING_CIPHER_ALGORITHM worker property in P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoToken and P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoWorker.

TypeCombination of key algorithm and key specification. Example: RSA 2048.
CertificatesNumber of certificates in the entry.

Entries Actions

Generate Key...Opens the crypto token key generation page.

Opens the crypto token test key page for the selected entries.

Click Test to perform the signing test. The results are displayed for each entry in the Result column.

Generate CSROpens the crypto token certificate signing request page for the selected entries.
Import CertificatesOpens the crypto token import certificates page for the selected entries.

Opens the crypto token key removal page for the selected entries.

Click Destroy key(s) to confirm the removal of the selected keys.

Worker Actions

ActivateOpens the activation page.
DeactivateOpens the deactivation page.
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