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Deviation List Details

The Deviation List Details page shows all information about a Deviation List and contains the following tabs:

  • Deviation List General Details: General information for the Deviation List including its NPKD state. For more information on NPKD states, see Workflows.
  • Home CSCA Certificate Basic Details: The home CSCA Certificate that has signed the Deviation List Signer certificate. The Details button redirects you to the specified CSCA certificate details page.
  • DLS Certificate Details: The Deviation List Signer (DLS) certificate that has signed the Deviation List. The Details button redirects you to the specified Deviation List signer certificate details page.
  • Deviation List content: Lists all deviations found in the Deviation List content. For a Deviation List content example, see Deviation List Creation.

Deviation List General Details tab

The Deviation List General Details tab contains general information for the Deviation List and provides the following actions:



Downloads this Deviation List.


Performs the publish or unpublish operation.


Performs the ignore or unignore operation.


Performs upload to ICAO PKD operation.

The following shows an example of a Deviation List General Details tab.

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